Wandering & Experiencing life

This all begins with a big bang and chaos. The universe came to life in violence and life on Earth didn’t come up just after, it needed to regulate itself and be in a homeostasis state to create life. Millions and millions of years to create this present moment. This moment, where you are reading these words.

Where were we and what were we? We were the whole and nothing, everywhere and nowhere as we are right now. Everything changes, but everything is.


About me:

I am.

My name means “loved from the people” which I mirror it back. I have experienced 26 years of this life yet, full of experiences and questions. Comes the time where I want to publish those, not keeping my thoughts process for myself.

– I am a mind lifeguard, loving to train my spirituality and psychology to keep the swimmers safe.

– You can also define me as a music lover, diving into the vibrations of sounds and making people feeling it.

Much love.